Welcome from Sheffield & Rotherham Wargamers Club (aka The GIMPS)

For the uninformed who may never have heard of the Sheffield and Rotherham Wargamers, we'd better introduce ourselves. We are a tabletop wargames club that doesn't take it's self too seriously and we play a range of games across many different genres, scales, sizes and periods. Games are played with having fun and enjoyment as the main aim and winning as an afterthought (although it's not like we don't try). Have a look around the site, pop across to the forum or even just come down for a chat.  We always welcome new members.

Our Forum

You can get there by following this link.

If you have never been down to the club but are thinking of paying a visit, pop along to the forum and say hello. We use the forum to organise games, discuss burning issues and randomly abuse each other.  Even if you can't get a game, feel free to come on down to a club night, see what games are being played and have a chat.


Game nights are every Thursday and we charge £2 per week to cover room hire and terrain buying.  You'll only pay when you play and your first week playing is free!