AGM Minutes – 24th February 2011

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Committee Structure

A committee of 5 members was agreed. It was further agreed that the 5 committee positions would be:

  • Chairman – heads the committee and responsible for ensuring all committee duties are carried out, chairs committee meetings and has the casting vote in the case of any ties. The Chairman is required to have served on the committee already in the year prior to his being elected Chairman.
  • Secretary – responsible for meeting minutes, insurance and lists of members (including the list of full and associate members) an other club paperwork.
  • Treasurer – responsible for club funds, collection of subs, management of the club’s bank account, making any payments owed by the club and maintaining a ledger of club finances to be reported on at the AGM.
  • Captain – responsible for internal and external events that the club is involved in and maintaining a calendar of events.
  • Terrain Manager – responsible for boards, terrain, and any other physical property of the club. Will be the point of contact for any members that want the club to buy terrain, and is responsible for maintaining an inventory of club property and reporting on its condition.

The following club members were elected to these committee positions:

  • Chairman – Dave
  • Secretary – Kelly
  • Treasurer – Colin
  • Captain – Nev
  • Terrain Manager – Craig

It was agreed that all committee members can delegate parts of their role to any club members as needed, but that they are ultimately responsible to the club for the roles listed above. It was mentioned that all committee members should be known to the landlord of the PGC.

Club Champion Game and Captain Position

As the Captain is now an elected member of the committee, the position that can be won in a game at the club each year for the shield will now be known as Club Champion, or affectionately, “Blame Monkey”. As current Champion it is Stu’s responsibility to organise the next game.

From this point forward, the Treasurer will keep a detailed ledger of money made and paid out by the club, including receipts. If no receipt is available, the Treasurer is required to have the ledger countersigned for the expenditure.

Subs will be kept at the current level - £2 (waged) or £1.50 (unwaged) to play any game at the club. This includes playing games that do need any of the club’s physical resources – the payment goes towards the room hire fee.

The club has no responsibility regarding membership of the PGC. There will not be any free club weeks etc. when PGC subs are due, and paying these will be the responsibility of individual members.

The club will sponsor 5 competitions through the year: Club Championship, Historical, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Painting.  This will include providing a returnable trophy and some small trophy that can be kept by the winner of each competition. In the case of the painting competition, the trophy will be painted by the previous year’s winner (if the winner doesn't want to paint another trophy they can surrender the one they won for the next winner).

Any other campaigns or competitions are able to provide prizes but these must be self-funding – the club will not pay for more competitions than listed above. An example of a campaign with 10 players charging £1 each for entry was suggested.

The policy of paying for club members’ first entry to an external tournament would be scrapped as this became very expensive, and the club now runs the internal tournaments listed above.

Club shirts will no longer be subsidised by the club, but a shirt design will still exist for members to buy themselves.

The Boardgames Club is now separate from the Wargames Club. The Wargames Club will keep all funds currently in its bank account in exchange for surrendering all games bought for the Boardgames club.

Terrain and Boards Rental

Club members can borrow boards or terrain for £1 per board and box borrowed. For non-club members, the committee will decide whether club property can be borrowed and what an appropriate fee would be.  In all cases, boards and terrain must be returned by the next club night, must be signed for, and whoever borrows them is responsible for their being returned in the same condition.


Kieron, Tom and Clive will look into our options for the website and report at the next meeting.


Kelly as Secretary will sort out club insurance before the next meeting.


The club will pay up to £150 to put on a table at Triples in future years. For 2011 it was agreed that the currently planned table will be completed. To organise next year’s table, an EGM will be held two weeks after Triples 2011.

As the table for Triples 2011 is too large to be stored at the club, it was agreed that we will aim to sell it for at least £100 to Gripping Beast at Triples, and donate the proceeds to charity. If we can’t do this, the table can be stored at Clive’s until the EGM (two weeks after Triples) and a decision can be made about what to do with it

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