Ankh-Mordheim Town Cryer issue 1

August 6, 2011 12 Comments
Ninety percent of Ankh-Morpork may have been wiped out in the collision with Mordheim so perhaps we should be more welcoming to all of our new inhabitants. But this writer is unnerved at the sight of not one but two gatherings of mutant giant rats that can not only walk, not only talk, but can fight as well as craft gunpowder weapons! This past week the leader of one of these "Warbands" was brought into the testing laboratories at the Unseen University but it is understood his loyal followers were able to free him before much information could be extracted.

You read that right, folks. Interim Patrician Black has declared that the recent influx of Warbands into Ankh-Mordheim is a good thing. He thinks they can help protect us against the rampant invaders from the North as well as the tyrannical oppressors from the South. Consequently he has decided to reward them with MORE territories! Whether this support of gangland warfare will be a good move or not remains to be seen, however...
Week 2 of the campaign will see an extra random territory awarded from the neutral pile to each victor. This is for every game in week 2 only.

In another move to help defend Ankh-Mordheim from outside forces, interim Patrician Black is assembling an expedition in two weeks time below the city into the depths of the dungeon. Whomever recovers the most artefacts contained within will be rewarded handsomely.
Week 3 of the campaign will see a multiplayer game of Warhammer Quest for the leaders only of each Warband that wishes to partake. Locations and rare items are up for grabs for the leader who grabs the most loot!
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